November 30, 2011

Improved Solari Board

Recently I received some interest in the virtual Solari Board project, which was the incentive I needed to take another look at it. The result is both simplified and improved:

  • Rows load sequentially now, and the end result is a much smoother animation as the number of elements changing at any one time is far fewer than before.
  • Added support for multiple different display element "drums", including letters only, numbers only, and images as well as the full set.
  • The status lights are now set as part of the same rendering process which handles all the other display elements. So no special scripting needed, and they change in concert with their row.
  • Removed a ton of extraneous code and refactored the data source to reflect a more common JSON format.
  • Updated to jQuery 1.7.1
As part of this refactor I removed most of the code associated with the other chart types. I think the right thing to do here is to add them back in a more modular way (require.js?). That'll probably be the next step on this project.

Here's the live demo and project on github.

    [edit - changed github repo]

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